Our Selection of Bolts Hardware

Bolts are chosen based upon the application they are being used and there are many types such as hex head bolts, carriage bolts, frame bolts, flange bolts, lag bolts elevator bolts, hanger bolt, u bolts, and j bolts. Hex bolts are the most commonly used bolts come in different grades and alloys such as Grade 8 Zinc Plated ZP, Grade 5 Zinc Plated ZP, Stainless Steel SS, A325, HDG Galvanized, Brass and Nylon and also different threads such as fine thread bolts and coarse thread bolts.

Carriage bolts are coarse thread bolts and come in different alloys such as zinc plated, stainless steel and HDG galvanized. Frame bolts are hardened bolts and come in coarse and fine threads and have a fixed washer head under the head. Hex lag bolts as sometimes called hex lag screws because they are threaded with a sharp point and also come in different alloys such as zinc plated ZP, stainless steel SS, and HDG galvanized.

Hex Bolts:
Hex Bolts also known as Hex Cap Screws and include Grade 8 hex bolts coarse, Grade 8 hex bolts fine, Grade 5 hex bolts course, Grade 5 hex bolts fine, Grade 2 hex bolts course, Stainless Steel Hex Bolts coarse, Stainless hex bolts fine, Steel L9 Hex Bolts, Hot Dipped Galvanized Hex Bolts course, Brass Hex Bolts course, Nylon Hex Bolts coarse, fully threaded Hex Tap Bolts and A325 Heavy Structural Bolts coarse.

  • Hex Bolts Grade 8
  • Hex Bolts Grade 5
  • Hex Tap Bolts Grade 5
  • Hex Bolts Stainless Steel
  • Hex Bolts A325
  • Hex Bolts Brass
  • Hex Bolts Galvanized HDG
  • Hex Bolts Nylon

Hex Lag Bolts:
Lag screws commonly referred to as Hex lag screws or Hex Lag Bolts, referred to also as “hex lags”, are threaded bolts/screws with a sharp point with a hex head and are most commonly used in wood applications or construction for heavier load applications than regular wood screws can support. They are available at Crouch Fasteners in Steel Zinc Plated, Stainless Steel, and Hot dipped galvanized.

Hex Flange Bolts:
Serrated Hex Washer Flange Bolts a/k/a Serrated Flange Screws are a one piece bolt or screw with a hex washer head and serrated flange under the hex washer head and are zinc plated.

Carriage Bolts:
Carriage bolts have a round smooth head with no drive and a square shank immediately underneath the rounded head that sinks into the material being fastened to secure the bolt from turning after installation with nuts and sometimes washers. Carriage bolts are coarse thread (UNC) bolts used for safety and security, are sometimes referred to as carriage screws, and are available in zinc plated, stainless steel, and galvanized.

Frame Bolts:
Frame bolts are one piece hardened grade 8 strength bolts with a hex washer head. We stock frame bolts including coarse thread frame bolts and fine thread frame bolts.

Elevator Bolts:
Elevator bolts are coarse thread zinc plated low carbon steel bolts sometimes called elevator screws that have a thin round flat countersunk head with a countersunk square neck under the head.

Hanger Bolts:
Hanger bolts a/k/a hanger screws have a machine screw thread on one end and a lag screw thread or wood thread on the other end and are often used in overhead applications and by the furniture industry.

J Bolts:
J-Bolts with Nuts Zinc Plated, ZP. J bolts are turned at one end in the shape of a J with a threaded end for a nut.